graduation projects DSAA 2011

High Diploma of Fashion & Environment

Thanks to this showroom space, Duperré offers the possibility to DSAA students to exhibit their diploma projects. In this way you can find out about each student’s work through a picture gallery and a short text. The students sum up their research and their reflections briefly but we hope you will be able to appreciate the singularity and the quality of each one.

If you are interested in one of these students, please get in touch with the school and we will be happy to give you their contact details.

Graduate Students

Margot Aurignac
Cécile Bichon
Marie Boralévi
Matthias Corbeel
Noémie Daval
Étienne Frasson-Cochet
Pablo Grand Mourcel
Lisa Laubreaux
Agathe Hocquet
Coline Huger
Nathalie La Hargue
Laurence Yared
Théo Mongourdin
Léa Gnidzaz
Caroline Halipré
James Renzelmann
Lisa Sturacci
Yesenia Thibaut-Picazo
Hélène Vergnes