foundation course in applied arts

Culture and practice of Applied Arts

This one year foundation course is the first level of studies at Duperré. It is aimed at students who have completed secondary education or the equivalent and want to acquire the basic skills necessary to gain admission to specialised courses in the field, not only at Duperré but at good schools all over France or abroad.

The foundation course in Applied Arts provides both general and specialised education which introduces History of Art, Design Culture, Artistic Expression and gives an awareness of specific creative methods used in the various fields of design carried out in the departments at Duperré.

Synergy and Creativity

The entire course depends on the synergy between different means of expression (drawing, sketching, 3-Dimensional space, modelling, perspective, colour, etc.) and a significant exploratory approach to form and volume. Various means of expression for creation are learnt with a particular emphasis on analysis and methods which allow students to explore their own creative potential while working within the constraints of function and sense.

Design awareness

Duperré is the only school to offer students the possibility of questioning and studying such a wide range of creative design sectors at this level, with professors who are specialists in their subjects : fashion design, textile design, communication design, environmental design and product design. Students can experiment in various workshops in different fields, according to taste and motivation and get advice on the appropriate choice for future studies.

École Duperré also provides students with practical workshops in photography, video, engraving, screen-printing and computer graphics. Through the acquisition of current and traditional techniques, this course offers a space for dialogue and the development of personal creativity.