degree in fashion design

Presentation of the diploma

The diploma follows a two year training programme. During the first year the student acquires creative methods and becomes acquainted with the subjects taught, in order to be able to develop projects along two complementary axes in the second year: professional and personal projects.

The professional project

Tackles the design of a collection by taking into account all the stages required in the professional world (from trends of the project to prototypes and including the plan of the collection, worksheets, the marketing approach etc). Bearing in mind the philosophical elements of the choice of project, this brings together different but complementary technical, and technological approaches in satellite workshops : prototypes/ printing/ knit/communication.
The project could be a collection of womenswear, menswear, childrenswear or accessories according to the affinities of the student and the advice of the pedagogical team.

The personal project

Is based on artistic creation and product (or product intentions) with an approach that is more questioning and open to the field of arts and design. It reveals the personality of a student who is sensitive to current fashion and who has a solid artistic background.

The course prepares the students for the professional world and also for further studies such as the DSAA Mode & Environnement (higher diploma in applied arts) and the professional Bachelor’s degree.

Professional aims

Multiplying contacts with the professional world : through an internship at the end of the first year and by varied experiences, such as competitions, collaboration, workshops with professional, cultural or institutional partners.

Finding a place on the Parisian fashion market (large and small structures in the luxury or ready-to-wear industries), or in the European, American or Asian marketplaces, setting up their own companies. These are the main opportunities available to students in this section.